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Which towbar is right for you and your vehicle?


A fixed towbar is the most commonly used towbar.You may need a fixed bar on your vehicle if you wish to add accessories such as bumper protector, bolt-on cycle carriers and certain stabilisers which require stabiliser plates.The benefits of this towbar is you can use a bolt on cycle carrier and tow at the same time which you could not achieve with a detachable or swan neck! Although a fixed bar is widely used it may not be suitable for your vehicle that has reversing sensors!


You may need a Detachable towbar if your vehicle has reversing sensors, as a fixed or swan neck may interfere with the working of your reversing sensors.If you are limited to space such as parking in your garage, frequent use of your boot,or in some cases detachable towbars may be the only towbar suitable/available with your vehicle

Swan Neck

The Swan Neck towbar is increasingly becoming more popular, due to it's overall cost as it will fit straight onto modern caravans with a stabilised hitch, were as Fixed bar requires a special ball at further cost.


Bumper Protector: Will protect you bumper from damage when hitching and unhitching- Will not fit Swan Neck/Detachable

 Drop Plates: These will lower the towball height- Fixed Towbars Only!

Stabilisers: Stabilisers are used to help prevent the

sway of your caravan,various stabilisers are available

    ( please ask which stabiliser is best suited to your Towbar)

Towbar Steps:These are mainly used on work vans and mini-buses, only available to use on Fixed bars!

 Ball and Pin: Only used on Fixed Towbars commonly used with various hitches

 Alko Ball: Used with alko style Stabilisers as standard ball is not suitable for alko style hitches.

Warrantys are available but may vary depending on manufacture please ask for more information.

Electrics that are in conjunction with the towbar fitted, have a 18 month warranty, this is only valid on the car to which the towbar fitted. If any damage such as , impact damage, water, fire or personal tamper this warrant will be void!